How Online Lash Training can Offer More Value for Services

How Online Lash Training can Offer More Value for Services

by Sebrena Krywulak

First off - let's address the elephant in the room! We preach transparency and we’re going to share with you why we reformulated the old Lash + Brow Lift System.

We want to remain a brand that rocks your socks. We want you to walk away saying WOW after you use our products and frankly - the Lash + Brow Lift System didn’t deliver! 

Thanks to you - the ARTIST - we took your knowledge and feedback and went back to the drawing board. 

The top requests:

1. The kit should include everything needed to do the service.

2. Faster processing times please!

3. Smaller bottles would be great - 20mL are just too big! 

YOU GOT IT! Signed, sealed, delivered. 

The Toolbox now comes with everything you need to do the service. The new Lash Line X Keravie Lash + Brow Lift Kit includes faster processing times at 5-7 mins for lashes, and 3-5 mins for brows. 

If you haven’t been hanging out with us on socials the last little while - we have 3 incredible lash extensions and lash lifting Online Courses. If you haven’t taken an Online Course from Lash Line before, you’re in luck! 

We are so passionate about helping our students succeed. We offer all of our student’s lifetime access to their course – this means that you can work at your own pace and return to the course at ANY time – literally for life!

You will be able to finish your lash course as quickly or as slowly as you want. You can revisit the videos or manuals any time you need them.

You will also receive lifetime support. If you have a question about ANYTHING – business related, about lash lift + tints, troubleshooting questions, processing time questions, product questions, brow lamination or tinting questions – we will answer it all! You will receive a downloadable PDF manual and cheat sheet with processing times, a downloadable client waiver, downloadable aftercare sheets for your clients to take home, and a downloadable certificate upon completion of both courses.

You can also take our Brow Lamination and Lash Lift + Tint courses and use our Lash Line X Keravie Lash + Brow Lift Kit to start taking clients for BOTH services. You read that right - the Lift Set Up allows you to do both lash lifts and brow lamination. Seems like a no brainer, right?! 😉

Being able to offer both services and only having to stock one product dramatically increases your product! Lower inventory = more money in your pocket! 

For a limited time, all our Online Courses are only $249 and you will receive a FREE kit with every enrolment! 

It’s time to start making that money, honey! 

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