4 Tips for Mega Volume Lashing

4 Tips for Mega Volume Lashing

by Sebrena Krywulak

Mega Volume Lashing requires an expert level technique! This is because of the sheer depth you'll have to fan through. We’re sharing our top 4 tips for mega volume lashing. Hopefully we’ll save you some headaches (from our experience)! 

Fighting with the sticky strips the lashes are attached to and destroying your fans? ARRGGGHH! Been there! You need to have lashes that are flexible, adaptable and able to be fanned in numerous ways. 

1. Find great lashes to work with 

We think our Butter and Black lashes are the best for mega volume!

Here's why.

Our strips are 2mm in size, making them short enough to shimmy a tweezer, yet sticky enough to do the peel and fan on the tape. This level of versatility is why artists love these lashes for mega. 

Achieving a super dark lash look is possible with Butter and Black. Our lash extensions are created using the darkest shade of black available, with NO BLUE HUE, and no shiny or plasticy look! This allows artists to create their lash sets as bold as desired for mega volume.

Fanning 0.03's is tricky and each artist can have a different fanning technique to capture those perfect mega fans. Our lashes fan beautifully with fanning methods such as: Flower Bouquet, The Pinch, Scotch Square, Lonely Fan, Peel and Stick -- YOU NAME IT. Butter and Black allow for easy fanning of even the largest fans at 20D with 0.03's! (we always recommend protecting the natural lashes, so be thoughtful with how large you make your fans)

2. Size matters 

Working with short sizes like 7,8 and 9mm WIDE mega volume fans means trickier attachment on inner corners, especially when you're working through 10 times the extensions. Even in shorter lengths, Butter and Black fan into a beautiful V with the flick of the wrist 

3. The secret weapon 

A Scotch Square is our secret weapon for Mega Volume! It's the perfect tackiness to hold the lashes while we fan them however narrow or wide we like. For a super dense JET BLACK look, we try for narrow dense fans. Remember - lash health ALWAYS comes first. If the client has healthy natural lashes, and can afford to go a bit fuller,  then go fuller and wider to give an overall dense finish.

4. Mix your curls 

Mixing curls is a great way to add depth and density without making them look like a big ol’ chunk of lashes! Consider adding 1mm longer M curl to the wings to add a Cat Eye flick when combined with any other curl!


We hope these tips help you to step up your Mega Volume game! If you’re still struggling, our Volume Mastery Online Course is the perfect resource. All of the tips and tricks in our course can be applied to mega volume. Sometimes the smallest adjustment can make a world of difference! 

And the most important reminder - you got this! Xo 

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