How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Tweezers

How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Tweezers

by Sebrena Krywulak

Tweezers are the scalpel of lash extensions. This sounds intimidating - but it’s kind of true. It’s a small tool that we need in order to create a set of lash extensions - which means we need to know more about them, including how to maintain them.


Each Tweezer carried by Lash Line is handmade by experts. The type of steel used for the precision grip, longevity and performance are the main areas we focus on when creating our tweezer line.
Once the tweezers are created (much like old school blacksmithing) they are cleaned & polished - then tested on lash extensions to refine and perfect the tension for our specific industry! You can feel confident that a Lash Line tweezer has been thoroughly tested before it gets in your hands.


Today we’re sharing our best-selling tweezers, and what factors you should consider when deciding on your perfect pair.


Which tweezers are best for eyelash extensions?

There are a few considerations to make when choosing the perfect pair of tweezers for you. 


What type of eyelash extension set are you creating? Classic, Hybrid, Volume, or Mega Volume? You will use different tweezers for different techniques.

Tweezer grip + weight – do your tweezers feel comfortable in your hand? Are you able to apply lash extensions ergonomically? Your tweezer should not be too heavy – this could affect your wrist and joint health.

 Are you using your tweezer for crystallized fans? Choosing the right pair to pick up crystallized fans will help you cut down your service time further. (We recommend our Curved tweezer for this)!


Tweezers are not a one size fit all, and there are many variations of tweezers. Choosing the right pair of tweezers is very much a personal preference.  You should make your final decision on the factors above.

Lash Line currently carries 9 different tweezer styles! Instead of listing all of them, we thought it would be easier to show you our BEST SELLERS by category:


Which tweezer is best for Isolation?

Lash Line’s Best-Selling Isolation Tweezers:

  1. Get Bent
  2. Curved
  3. Isolation
  4. Pro 35


 Which tweezer is best for Classic Lashes?

Lash Line’s Best-Selling Classic Tweezers: 

  1. Curved
  2. Pro 35 
  3. Boot XL


Which tweezer is best for Volume or Hybrid?

Lash Line’s Best-Selling Volume or Hybrid Tweezers: 

  1. She Hook’d
  2. Pro 45
  3. Boot XL
  4. Boot
  5. Snatched
  6. Stand Tall


Which tweezer is best for Mega Volume?

Lash Line’s Best-Selling Mega Volume Tweezer:

  1. She Hook’d
  2. Pro 45
  3. Get Bent
  4. Snatched
  5. Stand Tall

We know choosing a tweezer can be daunting – they are arguably one of the most important tools you use as a lash artist! We hope this takes some of the guesswork out of choosing your next great pair of tweezers!

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