5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lash Tweezers

5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lash Tweezers

by Sebrena Krywulak

To be the best at your craft, you need to start with the right tools. Tweezers are arguably one of the most important tools in your arsenal. They are an investment that requires care and maintenance if you want them to last. Taking care of your tweezers will help protect this investment

We’re sharing our top tips for taking care of your tweezers!

 1. Be Gentle

Avoid banging the tips of your tweezers on your lash tile, throwing your tweezers all together or dropping them. The delicate stainless-steel tips of eyelash extension tweezers will dent or bend if they aren’t looked after properly.

 2. Don’t Forget Them In Your Disinfectant

Medical grade disinfectant needs to be strong enough to kill all bacteria and germs. This chemical is necessary to clean them, but forgetting them overnight submerged will cause the cleaner to eat away at the steel in turn causing your tweezers to rust.

 3. Remove Lash Glue From Your Tweezers

 Soak the tips of your tweezers in acetone! This works perfectly to remove any dried adhesive on your tweezer. Avoid scraping or filing your tweezers because this is harsh on the steel and not needed for removing glue residue!

 4. Invest In Proper Storage

They need a safe home to keep them covered + protected when not in use. There are a variety of products for tweezer storage, but make sure what you choose doesn't close too tightly and bend the tweezer tips. 

That’s why we launched this cutie! TWEEZER DOME 

 5. Have Backups

You need more than 1 pair of tweezers. If a tweezer is accidentally dropped during a client you will need to do 2 things. Check it isn't bent and (if it’s not damaged) you need to put it in your sanitizer before you can continue. Having an extra pair of tweezers that are clean and ready to go will eliminate so many potential hiccups or disruptions during an appointment.


How to Remove Rust on Lash Extension Tweezers: 

Tweezers are an investment and will require care and maintenance if you want them to last. You’ll want to be proactive by not leaving your tweezers submerged for longer than the recommended time on your disinfectant. This is what causes the tweezers to rust. 


Removing Rust On Tweezers: 

We DO NOT recommend scraping or filing your tweezers. You risk ruining the tension/grip of the tweezer when you add microtears into the steel from filing. One little nick in the tweezer's grip and you won’t be able to grab the thin eyelash extension fibres. 


Instead, try this:

Baking soda

Method: Rinse the tweezers and shake dry. Dust with baking soda (it will stick to the damp areas), making sure to thoroughly cover all rusty areas on the tweezer. Leave it for 1-2 hours. Using steel wool or a metal brush, removing the rust down to the metal. Once this process is done and all rust is removed - sanitize the tweezers, rinse them with water and immediately dry them.

Important Note: If you are unsuccessful in removing the rust, we strongly recommend replacing them. Just imagine all the reasons why using rusty tweezers near a client's eyes is a bad idea. Yeaaaah. 


Feelin’ Fancy? Polish your lash tweezers with some Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser’ to maintain the steel and extend the life of your valuable tools. *Not recommended for coloured plasma-coated tweezers. Just to be safe Try this method on a practice tweezer before testing on your VIP tweezers. 

We hope these tips will help you keep your favourite tweezers in tip-top condition!


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