Lash styling for clients who wear glasses

Lash Styling for Clients Who Wear Glasses

by Sebrena Krywulak

Before we dive in let us start by saying YES - you can get lash extensions when you wear glasses! However, there are few things more annoying to you & your client than laying for 2+ hours for lashes, sitting up and putting on their glasses only to have the lashes crunch against their glasses. Nooooo!!


Hours of work undone by a couple millimeters in length.


It is also worth remembering: the natural lashes continue to grow for 2-4 weeks until the clients fill. If your lashes are already too long when your appointment is finished – the problem is only going to get worse as the days go on.

But hey - who needs their vision?! Don’t worry - we’re kidding! Here are some tips for lash styling clients who wear glasses! 


  1. Bring your glasses to the appointment
  2. Using a lifted curl (+ M curl) 
  3. 11mm Guide
  4. Adjusting your frames


It is always important to start your appointment with a thorough consultation. If you are meeting a first-time client, they may not have brought their glasses with them to their lash appointment. When in doubt – ask! A lot of your clients probably wear sunglasses in the summer and this is also a factor to take into consideration when choosing the lengths for your set.


Ask your client to bring their glasses with them to the lash appointment

This will allow you to get up close and see how far away or closely they wear their frames. Have your client put on their glasses and look at the distance from their eyelid to their lenses. This visual will help you to know the length you’ll be able to choose for the extensions without coming too close to the lenses.


Use a tighter, more lifted curl, Like M curl or D curl

These pair great with glasses because they’re more lifted and wont reach outwards towards the lenses as much as a C curl will. Keep in mind that this tighter curl will add a level of drama - so ensure to do a thorough consultation to customize that look for your client. 


When In Doubt - 11mm as the longest length

Be prepared - this isn't a fool proof strategy for every client - but it’s pretty safe, because this will work for a majority of clients if you just aren't sure how long you can go.

* If you’ve also paired this with a tighter curl - remember they will appear longer. A 11mm M Curl will look like a 12mm C curl because of where the taper in the curl is. The taper happens softer in a C curl - so the lash reaches out further from the lid. Whereas an M curl still has the length - but there's almost an “L” bend to the extensions base that helps lift it up and away from the lens!

Tricks like this help separate you as a Lash Artist who truly custom creates each set for their clients.


Adjust your frames

If you know you love your lashes and plan on keeping them for a while, you could consider a trip to the optometrist to have your frames adjusted. They are able to calibrate and adjust the positioning of your glasses to be more comfortable for you and your lashes. This sounds like a huge hassle, but in most cases it’s actually a quick adjustment that can make a big impact! 


We hope these few tips will help you style your clients with glasses & make them feel like a million bucks. After all, the look of confidence on the client’s face is why we do what we do!


Happy Lashing. xx


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