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Self Care - it might look different than you think!

by Megana Ramaswami

I’m sure you’ve heard it 1000 times. Practice self-care. Avoid burnout. Treat yourself.

When you think of self-care what comes to mind?


Do us a favor. Close your eyes.

Humor us... close them!


Did you picture a bubble bath? Did you picture yourself doing a little retail therapy?

Getting a pedicure? Enjoying a glass or two of wine? Eating an entire chocolate cake (no judgement)!

Sure – those things are all great and they have their place. We’ve been known to indulge in all of the above! Are those things true self care? When we get down to it, are those things that really show care for yourself?

It has been drilled into us that we need to treat ourselves, or that self-care is strictly consumer based. Self-care has been portrayed as means to escape from your life for a moment. A reprieve from your world for a few minutes.

Do those things actually care for you? Not in the slightest. Don’t get us wrong – we’re not bashing bubble baths or wine – but when you truly think about self-care it goes a lot deeper than the little things we think (or are being marketed on) as self-care.

Self-care looks a lot different. True self-care is not extraordinary. It is mundane, it’s real life, and often it looks like things we don’t even want to do.

Self care can be:

Creating a budget and getting your finances in order

Letting go of toxic relationships

Meal planning and filling your body with healthy and nourishing foods

Reading self-improvement books

Moving your body and getting exercise

Being honest with those around you

Saying no to things that aren't aligned with your goals

Going to bed at a consistent time every night

Implementing routines in your life

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself


Sure - a bubble bath and a glass of wine are great and those can be self care, but do those things actually take care of your mind, body and soul? When you think about true self care it should be things that are aligned with your goals and help you to grow. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and it’s imperative to take care of you first so that you can help others around you.

Self care has become so trendy and shouldn't be used to escape the life you’re in, but to help build one you enjoy!

We hope you're doing things during this crazy time that help to ground you, and fill your proverbial cup! It is more important than ever to practice true self-care!

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