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8 Reasons Our Butter & Black Lashes Are Changing The Lash Game

by Megana Ramaswami


In our industry, every brand sells their own trays of Lash Extensions. Are they all created equally? That’s a great question. Here at Lash Line, we believe that information is power. After years of product sourcing we have learned so much from our factories, and this knowledge is why we have been able to create Butter & Black. Here are a few of our trade secrets that will explain why our lashes are a superior product!

They’re the best of both worlds

The material used to make Butter & Black is high quality Korean PBT. You’re probably thinking “Yeah Yeah, aren’t they all Korean PBT? “ and the answer is Yes, most of them are. But here’s where ours are different - We’ve created the PBT to be a Blend between Silk and Mink, instead of choosing one over the other! With this material we have been able to take the best of both worlds and produce one flawless product. (Example: The softness of mink but the darkness of silk!)
Think of how much easier your inventory will be to manage when you don't need to separately stock Silk AND Mink lashes?!

They live up to their name

We gratefully recruited multiple Lash Artist’s opinions to blind test these lashes. The feedback about these lashes was ASTOUNDING:
“ These fan like BUTTER”
“These are the blackest lashes i’ve ever used!!”
“ 5+ weeks and they don’t lose their curl!”
Because of that feedback, we knew we had the name!


Black is the new BLACK

Our lashes are created using the darkest shade of black available, with NO BLUE HUE, and no shiny and plasticy look! This allows artists to create their lash sets as bold or soft as the client desires!

Superior Attachment

Mimicking our own natural lashes, these fibers are Extremely Porous for premium attachment to the natural lash. Think of it like holding hands (so cute right?) the way you can entwine fingers for a strong hold. With both the natural lashes and our Butter & Black extensions being porous, it allows them to firmly hold onto each other for incredible retention.  Stronger attachment = Longer Retention!

Labeled + Organized To Perfection

Each strip is bright white in color for prime visualization. On those white strips, we include the Curl, Diameter and Thickness right on the strip. This makes it so easy to keep your lash tiles organized and consistent.  Never forget what you're working with again!
We also include 3 labels on the tray for easy storage. Whether you store your trays standing up, on the side, or face up -- there will be a label with the Curl, Diameter and Length! When working with so many different lash lengths and diameters and curls, organization is KEY.

You Can Have It All

There’s nothing worse than having to order different lash diameters from different companies. Who wants to deal with the hassle and extra shipping? Not us. That’s why our quality lashes are available in:

Curl -
C - CC - D - DD - M - L

0.03 - 0.05 - 0.06 - 0.07 - 0.10 - 0.12 - 0.15 - 0.18

6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15

Price: $17.25 USD / $23.75 CAD for Single Length

Also available in mixed trays!


Leveling Up Your Technique

Our lashes have a fancy taper at the bottom, allowing them to fall into a very narrow base for even the most advanced fan making. (Funny Story: We have a video on our Instagram of Co Owner Cara Kapler fanning them and so many people thought we had edited the video to make them fan so perfectly! In reality nothing about the video was edited. It was actually how perfectly the bases will come together for any fanning technique!)
Our lashes Fan beautifully with fanning methods such as: Flower Bouquet, The Pinch, Scotch Square, Lonely Fan, Peel and Stick -- YOU NAME IT. Feel free to use whatever method comes the most natural to you and create some MAGIC.

What Are Lash Artists Saying?

We’re so proud of the development of these lashes and the feedback from Artists like you have helped us to make these lashes everything you’ve dreamed of. But as always, we would never expect you to just take our word for it. Here are some published reviews from Lash Artists on Butter & Black:

Emily Watson - 5 stars

“Butter and black are a game changer”

“Butter and black lashes have changed my lash game! With the .07’s I can fan out my lashes so easy and they turn out so beautiful. .03’s work amazing for Megas and .15 looks so good as classics. So obsessed and will never buy lashes anywhere else!”

Venice Lacsina - 5 Stars

“Name says it all!”

“These are by far my favourite lashes to use! They are so easy to fan and I’m able to give my clients that dark lash line!”

Van - 5 Stars


“These lashes stay true to their name... they really are black and they really do fan like butter! These are the absolute best .05 lashes I have used, to date. They fan amazingly! I generally use the “lonely fan” method for creating fans, however these lashes would be great for any method of fanning. I purchased some .07’s as well and I can’t wait to give them a go! I will definitely be telling my other lash artist friends about these lashes.”

We hope that we’ve helped answer a few of the reasons why our Butter & Black lashes are changing the lash game! If you made it this far in the blog post then we think you deserve a treat. Use the code THANKYOU20 at checkout to save 20% off your entire order. Consider it a small thank you from us for all of your support. 

Go slay the day and don't forget to tag us in your beautiful work on socials  so that we can support you!  

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Sending you our love,
Cara + Jessi

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