The Lash Glossary: Eyelash Extension Terms & Slang

The Lash Glossary: Eyelash Extension Terms & Slang

by Cara Kapler

Hey there, Lash Rats! Ready to decode the secret language of lash techs and lash artists and elevate your? Lash Line is here to turn the volume up on your lash vocabulary, serving you the hottest terms from the lash extension underworld. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a newbie to the lash scene, mastering this lash lingo will not only amp up your lash IQ but also connect you with the vibrant community that's all about eye glam. Missed a term? Slide into our DMs and enlighten us!

Retention: The Holy Grail

Retention is your lash sets staying power. It's all about how long those lush extensions cling to your natural lashes before they bail. Top-notch retention? You're doing it right!

Attachment: Get Stuck on It

Attachment isn't just about emotions; it's the glue magic that secures each extension to your real deal natural lash. Precision is key, and a flawless attachment means the staying power your clients crave.

Isolation: One By One, Baby

Isolation is the essential practice for your natural lashes, singling one natural lash out for that exclusive extension attachment. It makes for healthy and clean work. It's the secret sauce for a flawless sets and a client returning experience.

Diameter: Size Actually Does Matter

Diameter talks about how thicc your lash extensions are. Whether you're rocking a subtle 0.03 or going bold with a 0.15, it's all about matching the perfect weight to your client's natural lash.

Hybrid Lashes: Blend It Up

Hybrid Lashes are the rebel child of Classic and Volume lashes, giving you the best of both worlds. Want that textured, nuanced look? Hybrid's your go-to. This is a very popular service you need on your menu!

Fill: Keep Em' 100

Fill sessions are your lash refresh pit stops, like a nail fill. Lost some soldiers in the blink of an eye? A fill will get your lash line back to its full and dark finish! We naturally lose 3-5 eyelashes per day, so fills are needed!

Lash Mapping: Build Your Blueprint

Lash Mapping is where you build the blueprint for your lash map. Tailoring the extension layout to your clients unique eye shape, this is where creativity meets strategy. Use a sharpie on the gel pads or foam tape to know what length goes where!

Tapering: Fade to Fab

Tapering is the art of gradation, softening the extension lengths towards the edges for that seamless, natural transition. It's all about the subtleties, baby. Lash extensions are often thicker at the base, and thin out towards the tips, referred to as "tapering".

Stacking: Layer Love

Stacking is for the texture addicts. Piling on varying lengths to a single lash, this technique is your ticket to volume town with a side of drama.

Lash Nap: Beauty Sleep Realness

Lash Nap is the chill zone where clients catch some Zs while getting their lashes done! Relax, recharge, and wake up to a mesmerizing new look. Oh, and NO, your Lash Artist doesn't care if you snore when you fall asleep. Snore away, friend.

Shedding Season: Lashes Fall, Y'all

Shedding Season is when your natural lashes decide to go on a vacay, usually during spring and fall. It's a thing, and it can mess with your extension's. Watch for extra shedding of your hair in the shower, and if you notice it, your lashes will be shedding too.

Lash Bath: Cleanse to Last

Lash Bath is your lash hygiene hero. With a gentle lash shampoo, it kicks out buildup, oils, and makeup residue, keeping your extensions pristine and long-lasting for weeks. It's NOT a gimmick, it actually works.

Mega Volume: Go Big or Go Home

Mega Volume is for the fearless, packing on ultra-fine lashes for that dense, show-stopping look. It's all about pushing boundaries and embracing the extreme. These sets are usually 8-16D each.

Wispy Lashes: Rock the Flutter

Wispy Lashes bring that whimsical, feathered look with strategic spacing and lengths. It's the go-to for an effortlessly chic, eye-catching flutter.

Fan: Size of the "D"

Fans are your custom-made lashes, handcrafted with precision to pump up the volume, having them create a perfect fan on top, and needle base at the bottom. From 2D to 6D, these babies are about adding depth and density to your lash line. It means how many lashes are inside the fan. 8 lashes? 8D.

Lash Lift: Perm, Anyone?

Lash Lift is the curl revolution for your natural lashes, giving them that perky, wide-awake look. It's a semi-permanent boost that says goodbye to lash curlers. It's a perming solution that lasts 6-8 weeks!

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Lash leaders, keep pushing boundaries, and let's continue to redefine the lash game together. Stay tuned, stay slaying, and remember, in the world of lashes, more is more.

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