We lost $20,000 learning THIS about lash Extensions

We lost $20,000 learning THIS about lash Extensions

by Cara Kapler

We get so many questions about our flagship product, our Butter & Black Eyelash Extensions. "Are they actually different?" "Aren't lashes all the same?" "Aren't they all from China?" This highlights the general lack of knowledge about eyelash manufacturing and the difficulty in identifying a standout product amid a plethora of brands and styles.
At Lash Line we're your trusted advisors for all things lashes, and we got there by paying our dues in blood, sweat, tears and over $20,000 down the drain on a lash order that immediately fell flat... Those lessons ensure you will never have to make one of those mistakes, by learning from us instead. But you need to take the time to read this value in order to save yourself.
Here is your crash course in eyelash extension manufacturing through some of your FAQs and why we're so damn cocky about our Butter & Black!

Are all lashes made in China?

No. Eyelash extensions are often made in either China or South Korea. The location where these lashes are made will directly impact the cost of goods and quality because labor wages and quality standards are these two countries are vastly different. When you order lash extensions, you want to have the most information possible to know what you're ordering. Is the product a Mercedes or a Clown car? The difference is in the production.
At Lash Line, consider us the Mercedes of Eyelash Extensions.

Why are Butter & Black lash extensions different than competitors?

For starters, we've flown to Korea ourselves and put our boots on the ground. This immediately sets us apart from our competitors in a significant way. We learned the ins and outs to perfect the perfect extension. We also got to see the sub par factories, and the quality of lashes that come out of there. We chose the best of the best in eyelash manufacturing, a company you won't find on Alibaba or Amazon. Those partnerships are what has catapulted Lash Line to having the industries most adored and reordered lashes.

Are Butter & Black lashes "Easy Fan" lashes?

No, they aren't! Our Butter & Black extensions are traditional lash extensions. They do not come with adhesive meshed at the base to keep them together, so you'll need to dip them in glue. These are traditional eyelash extensions, but with a powerhouse fibre that tapers at the base easily, you'll think they juuust might be.

Aren't All Lash Extensions Made From PBT?

Yes, most of them are. However, we created our PBT fibres to be a unique and hybrid blend between silk and mink materials, instead of choosing one over the other. Each material has its own unique advantages, and we took the best of both worlds and blended them together. We kept the deep black colour of silk lashes and the ease of use in the faux mink for the perfect lash extension available!

What Diameters & Curls Are Butter & Black Available In?

Curls: C, CC, D, DD, M Curl (And L Curl in Mixed Trays!)
Lengths: 6mm-15mm lengths
Diameters/Thicknesses: 0.03 | 0.05 | 0.06 | 0.07 | 0.10 | 0.12 | 0.15 | 0.18
"I have never hesitated to order from these ladies!! Even in a pinch I know I will get great quality products and quickly!!" - Verified Review

Are these cruelty free?

Yes! Lash Line LOVES animals and refuses to purchase products that are tested on animals. Our lash extensions are made using a synthetic fiber to mimic the feel of mink hair, but it is in no way linked to an animal for ethical and health purposes. 
"I have been using these lashes for a while now, and now they are the only ones I use ! So fluffy and soft. Gorgeous finish Clients have been loving them" - Verified Review

Do your lashes lose their curl?

While it’s normal for the lashes to “relax” a tad after weeks of wear, they should never fall FLAT. This is the nightmare that will happen when a cheaper material is used, that is not properly heated to hold the curl in high temperatures and from daily wear. For our Butter & Black lashes, we double heat our curls during the hand making process to ensure they hold the curl! This extra step is why you'll always have confidence in your D curl looking lifted AF even after 3 weeks.
So there you have it, Lash Rats! Some inside knowledge of the mistakes we made when sampling manufacturers for eyelash extensions. We're lash artists ourselves, so we know exactly why you need to trust in the product line you use. We've walked the floors, sampled materials and lost a ton of money through trial and error, at the same time. But since launching Butter & Black - we'll never go back, and neither with the hundreds of artists who rave about them. Experience The B&B Difference

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