Which Eyelash Extension Glue is the Best?!

Which Eyelash Extension Glue is the Best?!

by Sebrena Krywulak

 We’ve put together the ultimate guide in picking the right eyelash extension adhesive!

We won’t lie - the market is flooded and that means you have SO many choices! Choices are great - but how do you know what to look for when choosing the right adhesive for you?! What makes a great lash extension glue and which one is the best? 

 It’s not one size fits all - the type of adhesive you choose will depend on where you live, temperature and environment you’re working in and your experience level. This guide will help you break down which lash glue is the best for you! 


Tips for choosing the right adhesive

Choose a dry time that aligns with your speed. Using a 2 second dry time lash glue if your speed is 1 second will just slow you down. On the other hand, working with a 1 second lash glue when it takes you 2 seconds to get to the natural lash = a retention nightmare! Because the glue is dried before you apply it.

Humidity Percentage and Temperature of your lash space sets the ultimate standard for knowing which glue will work best for you. Monitor your lash shop/space using a Hygrometer! Once you know the conditions - search eyelash adhesives that align with that range. Before you buy an adhesive, read what the recommended conditions are for use. (This should always be posted from the brand) And remember - humidity and temperature will change with the times of year! So your adhesives may have to change with the seasons!

Shelf Life: If you don't lash very often - choosing a 4 week shelf life adhesive may not be worth it for you. Consider searching for a 2 month shelf life adhesive like Pro Bond to find a better fit for you.


Lash extension glue for beginners

For lash extension beginners, we recommend using a slower dry time adhesive so you have time to work. 1-2 second or 2-4 second glues are typically used for new lash artists. At Lash Line, we recommend Pro Bond to all our new students and provide this in their Classic Student kits! It’s also an 8 week shelf life, which gives you lots of time to get through a bottle while you’re starting out.


Best volume lash extension glue

Something Fast and Strong! I love using Revolve or Secret Identity as my favorite volume and mega volume lash glue because it dries so fast - so I don’t have to sit and hold my fans forever. I also prefer adhesives with a thin to medium viscosity (consistency) because it allows the fan to wrap onto the natural lash easier. Whereas a thicker consistency can be too ‘gloopy’ for delicate volume fans.


Best lash extension glue for sensitive eyes

Unfortunately, there isn't a ‘sensitive’ adhesive that has been proven to work on clients. However, some clients notice that clear adhesives can be less harsh for clients who are sensitive to the carbon black pigment in other adhesives. This could be an option to try for your client. However, if your client has an allergy - all eyelash adhesives will cause a reaction for them.


Best lash extension glue for low humidity

Revolve or Secret Identity work great in lower humid environments. In Alberta during the winter, our humidity can get as low as 10-25% without a humidifier. For this reason, we love Revolve and Secret Identity! They are forgiving and easy to use in virtually any environment. 


What is the strongest eyelash extension glue?

  • Fresh lash adhesive will always be stronger than adhesive that’s nearing the end of its shelf life. Make sure this is something you’re tracking by writing the expiry date on the bottle.
  • Don’t be afraid to use adhesive! You can safely add 1 bead of glue per natural lash - but of course - assess each client individually. Keep in mind though - you need to have enough adhesive that it doesn't immediately dry before you make it to the isolated lash.
  • Less Ingredients the better - Like anything, something is purer with less ingredients on the label. Look for a lash glue that has less ingredients - this means they won't be packed with fillers that can compromise their strength.
  • Avoid Amazon Adhesives - The glue you choose should have reviews from purchasers who can verify the batches are consistent. You don’t want to wonder how long a batch of glue has been sitting in a warehouse before it’s shipped - or HOW it’s been stored before it’s shipped. That’s why we suggest avoiding Amazon adhesives, because that isn't something you can monitor. Choosing a reputable supplier means they order their glues in frequent and fresh batches that remain consistent every time, because they’re closely monitored.


As we mentioned earlier, choosing the best lash adhesive is so personal! 

We offer a great selection of tried and tested adhesives that you can be confident will help you create your best work.

When you purchase from us, you are promised consistent quality, dependability and value! 

Still have questions? Get in touch - we would love to help! 

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