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6 Reasons Lash Lifts Are Taking Over

by Megana Ramaswami


Lash Lifts have been taking the industry by storm. This is great news for you as a Lash Artist and your clients; we’re going to share all the reasons why!


  1. Lash Lifts are the perfect alternative for clients who are intimidated by Lash Extensions! They can be customized for a tighter or more relaxed curl with an eyelash lift.


  1. Lash Lifts are ideal for any client who is allergic to lash adhesive! There is nothing worse than a client who has developed an allergy, and this creates the perfect opportunity to retain them for a different service. CUE the Lash Lift!


  1. A Lash Lift will provide the perfect lift to lashes while still looking natural. You can add a Lash Tint to your service and your client will be able to skip the mascara. HELLO extra sleep! Getting ready in the morning will be so much easier and faster for your clients!


  1. A Lash Lift requires little to no maintenance on your client’s part. There are virtually no aftercare instructions (other than refraining from getting the lashes wet 24-48 hours after the service). As a Lash Artist this means no nagging about washing their lashes and taking good care of their extensions when they go home.


  1. It’s no secret that our books aren’t as full this past year. Adding a Lash Lift service is the perfect solution. It is more affordable for clients (and less maintenance). Clients are more likely to come for a service that is less expensive and will last them longer!


  1. A shorter service time means more $$$ for you! You will be able to see more clients for Lash Lifts vs. Lash Extensions. Our Lash + Brow Lift System does both – meaning you can do a Lash + Brow Lift at the same time – essentially doubling your money.


We’re all about the dollars and cents. Let’s break this down even further for you!

You will be able to service up to 40 Lash Lift Clients using our Lash Line X Keravie Lash + Brow Lift Kit.

Lash Line X Keravie Lash + Brow Lift Kit retails for $299 (plus tax) 

Prices for a Lash Lift service will vary (dependent on your area/experience) – but let’s say you charge your clients $75 per service.

If you service 40 clients at $75 you will bring in $3000.

Your cost for the system is only 10% of your profits. That still leaves you with $2700 in your pocket (not including overhead, miscellaneous supplies, etc.)

You can also increase your profits by offering Lash Tints as an add on service.

One tube of tint costs an average of $20.

If you offer a Lash Lift + Tint on your service menu for $100 ($25 extra revenue just for the tint) at 40 clients per tube of tint will result in an additional $1000 in PROFIT!

Your profit margin is incredible for this system and will help you add a ton of revenue to your business!

This System is not only beneficial for your clients, but also for you! Head to our website and read the reviews for yourself! 

We promise you won't be disappointed!

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